A Stonyhurst Prayer Book
ed. Matthew Power SJ

Published May 2003, reprinted September 2007
ISBN 0-9512664-2-X
128 pages
Hard back, illustrated. £9.95

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This collection of prayers richly reflects the continuing spiritual life of the first English college of the Jesuits, Stonyhurst. Some of the prayers go back to the early history of the Church; others have a close link to Stonyhurst traditions, such as the Litany of Loretto, which Thomas Weld, donor of Stonyhurst, particularly asked to be kept in use by the College; and others are written by current pupils at the College – the contributions by ‘A Poet’, ‘A Rhetorician’ or ‘A Syntaxian’, signatures which might puzzle those not familiar with the school.

The collection is beautifully illustrated with photographs taken by staff and pupils, creating an evocative visual souvenir as well as an aid to reflection and prayer.

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