St Omers Press publishes books reflecting the life and culture of Stonyhurst College, drawing on the wealth of its collections and the strength of its religious beliefs.

Carrying on the traditions of the exiled English Catholic printers working from the English Jesuit College of St-Omer (or according to English pronunciation St Omers), St Omers Press is a small press publishing finely-designed and thoughtfully-edited books. Our titles reflect the spiritual traditions and cultural riches of the English Roman Catholic community, especially as manifested in the history and collections of Stonyhurst College in Lancashire, successor of the exiled Jesuit Colleges of St-Omer (above) and Li├Ęge.

It is the aim of the Press to publish books and catalogues about works of art from the Stonyhurst collections, editions of literary and devotional works associated with the history of the College and its ongoing religious mission, and works concerning the buildings and grounds of the College.

Left: the Musaeum Celeberrimum of Athanasius Kircher, a prestigious facsimile edition published by St Omers Press in partnership with St Joseph’s University Press, Philadelphia, in 2015.
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The Directors of the Press are Christopher Page, Anthony Eyre, Jan Graffius, Peter Davidson, Gerry Lagerberg, and Christine Keunen. St Omers Press Ltd is a company created by the Trustees of Stonyhurst College to undertake publishing projects of the kinds outlined above. It is intended that profits from the sale of these editions will be donated to the Trustees or used to fund further publishing projects. Registered in England no. 5358924; registered address: Stonyhurst College, Clitheroe, Lancashire BB7 9PZ.